Weymouth Model Railway Association
For enthusiasts of scale railway modelling

We have a number of layouts in various stages of completion – from initial planning to fully operational.
As well as the WMRA’s Club” layouts, Monday evenings also see a number of “Members’ own” layouts brought along for work and running. 
This page shows a selection.

CLUB Layouts

MEMBERS' own layouts

O Gauge - "Connaught Road"

This 7mm Finescale layout was constructed by the Weymouth MRA O Gauge Group. Whilst totally fictitious, its aim is to represent a British Railways Southern Region main-line station in a 1950s to 1960s urban setting. The four track station has its main building at high level on a road over-bridge – a feature common to many Southern stations around London and its suburbs. The layout also includes a small goods handling facility principally for parcels traffic and a factory that has its own sidings. There is also a small loco depot with coaling stage. The layout is designed to be inserted in the O gauge Test Track such that stopping and high speed non-stopping trains can be run.

N Gauge - "Bincombe Cutting"

Bincombe Cutting had been in production for some years by the time the photos below were taken!

Towards the end of 2015, having missed the deadline for the Weymouth exhibition, it was realised that the layout was deteriorating badly, the boards were showing signs of warpage and the tracks needed constant alignment adjustment. Further investigation revealed that the boards were failing structurally. Faced with the choice of scrapping the entire layout or replacing the structure, the N gauge team carefully extracted all the scenery from the boards, removed the damaged fibre board structure and replaced with plywood to increase rigidity, laid down a cork track base and then installed brand new track. The layout was then completely rewired and the existing scenery was carefully re-integrated into the layout, with a station added at the West end of the layout.

The layout is a sectional, tail-chasing layout with four running loops. The fiddle yard is configured so that each of the four potential operators can have one complete train running and two stored, potentially 12 different combinations of running stock!

The work to repair the layout, and bring it up to exhibition standard was completed by the N gauge group in under twelve months and the layout has now appeared at several of our exhibitions!

OO Gauge - "Axford"

This layout has developed from a terminus station layout of the same name. It was decided to remove the station board and develop the remaining boards into a short branch line, with both passenger and freight working.

The major work, at present, is putting a new viaduct board into the middle of the layout in order to add interest. There is still a lot of work to do on the other boards in terms of detailing, etc..

OO Gauge - "Ridgeway Vale"

This layout was the idea of some of the older members of the Club under the guidance of Terry Mabb. The remit was to provide a test facility in 00 gauge that would be portable & practical for its members. Having sourced six doors and a trolley, and after a lot of effort a 16 ft x 6 ft table-top layout was built giving 4 running loops with holding loops on each circuit. When a number of junior members joined the Club this layout became their base.

In 2014 it was decided to try to enhance the basic design with added scenery. However it had to be portable and removable. Work started in earnest and by mid-2015 it showed that anything was possible, no matter what skills the modeller possessed. The junior members are now involved and will continue to be in the future, hand making scenes to fit. As the photos below will show the basic test layout is becoming more and more interesting as time goes on.

The addition of scenery is not the only improvement. Experiments are now being conducted with digital command control (DCC) with all the improvements this brings such as multiple train running and control of sounds and other loco functions.

in 2019 the scenery was completely rebuilt and this new scenery can be seen in these photos.

MEMBERS' own layouts

OO Gauge (Hornby Dublo 3-rail) - "I 'ad that!" by Andy & Windy Miller

Built over a period of 5 months, although the collecting and planning started eight years ago, this layout is three rail in the style of the old Hornby Dublo, but is a fully scenic layout. It measures 16 x 5 feet including the fiddle yard that lies behind the scenic front. It is a continuous run layout with two lower level and one higher level circuits and in addition there is a shuttle at the front. The scenic features, as you will see from the pictures, include a station, goods sidings, and an engine shed complete with turntable.

The layout was exhibited at the Weymouth Model Railway Exhibition in November 2014 and has been exhibited several times since.

On30 Gauge "Wyke River" by David Riches

Wyke River is a fictitious American outline narrow gauge (On30) railroad located in Colorado. The date is around 1950 and the railroad has amassed a variety of locos from other railroads that have either died or dieselised. Some still show their old road names and liveries. Industry in Wyke River comprises a wood box factory supplied with timber from a nearby saw mill, and a silver mine (not that there is much silver left now).

The layout is DCC with a Digitrax system and the rolling stock is all RTR, mainly from Bachmann. The buildings are all wood, some from Banta kits, and some, including the trestle bridge, scratch-built. The baseboards are entirely made from thin ply. The layout is operated from the front as it is both a home and exhibition railway. It has been exhibited at model railway exhibitions in Bristol, Bridport, Wimborne, Winchester and Weymouth.